What is Shiny Concrete Floors?

Polished concrete floors is the most cost-effective and new flooring option available. We are experts in the application of diamond segments, concrete hardeners and sealers that will make your concrete floor artistically enjoyable. Utilizing the most state of the art equipment and tooling will ensure your polished floor is handled with the highest level of standards and your experience is managed by exceptional professionalism.  

Benefits of Polishing Concrete


Unlike other floor coverings, the top of polished concrete are closely compacted which reduces stains from soaking in. Polished concrete does not require wax or any other coatings to keep the shine. 


Because the topping of the polished concrete is smooth and tight, the dust is easy to sweep off and the there is not left over particles when moping. 


Polished concrete will significantly reduce the maintenance time and effort over time. No need to replace epoxy from wear and tear and no waxing. Larger spaces will also experience costs saving through reflectivity and lighting.  


Polished concrete floors can be smooth as ice, but they are sare to walk on. Compared to polished marble and wax linoleum, polished concrete is the less slippery option. When done right polished concrete meets and exceeds OSHA standards for floors. 


Polished Concrete Floors are smooth. The texture of the floor will prevent abrasions and tire marking in turn will keep those tires spinning longer. 


When done right,  the surface of the polished concrete is densified and sealed which makes the pores so dense that they repel spills.